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About us

Why would somebody establish a company? 

To have a proper legal body to get in the business to be able to generate profit, through providing valuable products or services to others. This is what we have done in 2014, forming a company, that has provided a lot of help to several businesses since then. 

Our strength is business consulting and coaching, provided by our co-founders, Henriette Honved and Silard Matrai.

Made some good events, locally and internationally, from 20 - 1000 participants and incentives that created lifetime memories for the ones who participated. 

With the pandemic, we also learned to run a virtual conference. 

This company is representing several web entities and events in our main operational domain Hungary, but also in our administrative domicile Slovakia, and also in other countries. 

Since the start we provided services  to the following companies or entities, also in a cooperative manner (not an exhaustive list): 


DXN - Lavylites - Életfa - Elixoo GmbH - Szerverház Kft - Pesti Mélyépítő Kft - Deutsche Event GmbH - Marketphone Kft - Pekril Kft - KAAS Publishing - Randy Gage - Burke Hedges - Ray H. Duncan - Metabond Magyarország Kft - Fabelic Baltija SIA - Anita Köhne Praxis für Gesundheitsvorsorge - Flavon Group Kft. - Fanatics Productions Kft.